Meet Greg

I believe that every adult that desire homeownership should have their own home. I am also of the mindset that homeownership builds community. I continually serve the communities that I am a part of as having a place that one can say is their home is a significant factor in building a community.

My life of service started with my observation of my Mom working hard to purchase a home for her seven children. It continued with twenty years of service in the United States Marine Corps.

I've earned a Bachelor's of Education during my time in the Marine Corps and subsequently a Masters of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. Post Marine Corps, I continued my journey of service as a Middle School Teacher and then as a Principal of a Middle and High School.

I have worked as a Budget Analyst and Program/Project Manager for an Environmental Management Directorate of the Federal government. I bring an analytical mind and dedication to meeting your needs as I work with you in finding your home.